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The Coronation Short Mat Bowls Club

About Us

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The Coronation Short Mat Bowls Club was founded in 1990 and is affiliated to the Norfolk Short Mat Bowls Association who, in turn are affiliated to the English Association.
Short Mat Bowls is played in a similar way to the lawn bowls we see played on immaculately groomed lawns throughout the country, its one big advantage being that it is played indoors and is not weather or seasonally dependent.
The playing area is made up of high-tech mats approximately 40ft long, laid on a hard flat and level floor. As in lawn bowls the aim is to get your ball as close to the jack as possible, that sounds easy but practice as they always say makes perfect.
The club warmly welcomes new members and meets on a Thursday afternoon between 2.00pm & 4.00pm. The Coronation Hall is warm and well lit providing the perfect environment for the game. Light refreshments are always available.  
Matches are occasionally played against other local clubs and charity matches are also supported.
Club membership is an extremely reasonable £10 per year and a charge of £4 is made for two hours of playing.
Short Mat Bowls is a perfect way of meeting people and enjoying a low impact sport whilst getting a bit of exercise.
The club is always seeking members so if you think this might be a pastime you might enjoy

email Peter Grant or give him a call on 01508 536753 
 and he will give you all the details.

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