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About Us

The Coronation Hall has existed since 1953 when it was constructed as a centre of learning and community engagement for the South Norfolk villages of Aslacton and Great Moulton. In the intervening 70 years it has been enlarged, constantly improved and updated. It now provides a safe, warm and welcoming environment with many up to date features. The hall and its facilities comply fully with all modern fire and electrical safety requirements, including the Building and Fire Safety Regulations 2023. 
Today it is a registered charity administered by Trustees supported by our amazing band of volunteer helpers who work tirelessly to make the hall a valued community resource.  All its income is raised from hiring and self-promoted events. It receives no funding from any external source. It is a popular venue for children's parties, family events and reunions, funeral receptions and sporting and fitness groups.

The Trustees Are:

  • Carol Bailey (Chair)

  • Keith Bailey (Treasurer & Bookings Clerk)

  • Dianne Gibson (Secretary)

  • Andrew Gibson

  • Jennifer Land 

  • Bridget Pestell

  • Tracey Scarsbrook

The Trustees are required by law to be residents of properties registered to pay their council tax precept to either Great Moulton or Aslacton Parish Council. They are supported by a number of ex-officio (non-voting) committee members and our fantastic group of volunteers, who help us run events and keep the building in good order, if you would be interested in helping us we would be very pleased to hear from you. Most months we hold a volunteers 'maintenance day' on the first Tuesday. 


The Coronation Hall is the community space for the people of
Aslacton & Great Moulton.

We are a registered Charity No 297170

Carr Lane
Great Moulton
NR15 2HL
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